Podcasting, Vodcasting, Streaming and Vlogging


Internet Audio began back in 1995 when 28. 8k in addition to 14. 4k dial up speeds were the norm. The key reason why it was invented by a company called Real Networks has been because if you wanted to download an audio file off of the net it could take hours. Streaming got around that will by compressing the file more and then as it was getting downloaded it would play. The trick to this was called loading, which was the process of always having 5 or 10 mere seconds of data downloaded into a buffer that would be filled up as soon as the articles was played. This also allowed for live streaming or webcasting. Communicate Video began around 1998. Stew Art Media furthermore started streaming around the same time. Streaming is great for live activities and keeping control of your media.
Podcasting, Vodcasting plus Vlogging

Podcasting is a relatively recent phenomenon. As you may have got it was spawned by the advent of Apple’s iPod. Unlike buffering, podcasting allows for the full download and storage of music on your hard drive or portable device. It’s real strength and the reason it has taken off so dramatically is that a great US DJ Adam Curry came up with a concept for a software program called iPodder. To date iPodder has had over 970, 000 downloads and it now has many copy cat competitors.

This is the software allows you to freely subscribe to a podcast website. Each time a new podcast is available you can configure it so ipodder automatically downloads the podcast and uploads it in your iPod. So when you grab your ipod as you are leaving home, it already has all your favourite podcasts loaded into it without you having to lift a finger.

A vodcast (Video On Demand Cast) is the video version on this and the software equivalent is FireAnt. Not only does the ipod touch play video, there are many other portable devices out there which often as well, from Sony’s PSP to Creative’s iRiver and also a whole bunch of different phones.

A Vlog or VideoBlog is the video version of a blog or online log with best vlogging camera with flip screen cheap. A vlog is a type of Vodcast. Both Business Few days and Forbes in the US have predicted that Vlogs will be the ‘next big thing’. Some business are already using the technological innovation to communicate with their customers and for internal business reporting. Any manager can watch a video from a field rep on the way residence in the train or have a look at a new product.

The key with podcasting and vodcasting is having your website setup properly using a feed. Both technologies use RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and for a website to get subscribers it must have its Rss feed setup properly.