An avid music rapper in the making


Net Worth

The question that would strike you is what is Lil Uzi Vert Net Worth. But before we get into the details let us figure out how he became famous in the first place. His original name happens to be Symere Woods and in the hip-hop genre, he happens to be a famous figure. It is after the song Money control that he did go on to become popular. On July 31st in Philadelphia, he was born. His early part of childhood was in the northern part of this region. As per his view, the neighborhood which was the Francisville was a great home.

During his childhood days, he did go on to listen to music whenever he could. This did influence him to a considerable extent and he did listen to greats like Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne etc. After listening to these people it did strike his mind that he was going to rap on his own. One of the points of consideration was he was a sceptic. He was of the opinion that his talent was not enough where he could get famous. A lot of credit does need to go to his friend who gave him the encouragement to rap in his school days. It was William Aston who did rap and sang during his free times. At this point in time, Woods did notice the love for music. It was at this point in time that Symere did begin to hang out with Aston. He did become bigger and bigger and then began to rap on his own.

Lil Uzi took the hard decision to be part of the music industry when he was young. At this point, he did feel that he had a strong chance as he was in the early part of teens. As he was pretty popular in the city he did began to rap for money. In his interviews, he was pretty honest and he did not say a single lie about his past life. He did claim that he left school as he was of the opinion that he could make a career in the music industry. DJ Diamond Kuts was the first collaboration that he did go on to establish and the album did give him a big boast. The other labels and banners did notice him at this point in time.

It was a really lucky time for Symere and this did occur.  At this point of time, Don Cannon did notice the talent of this great man. He did figure out that he had a sense of passion in whatever he did. Though Cannon did get a degree of help from DJ Drama and along with Uzi did sign a contract. This was with Generations now and Atlantic records. Woods did not waste a single minute and did begin to pen down the lyrics as soon as he did get the contract. A few months he did give for the mixing as well.