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People Wish to sell my house fast for cash Columbia

sell my house fast for cash columbia

Trust me we will do whatever is necessary to do, people ask of us to sell my house fast for cash columbia but trust me we make sure to consider this first and then proceed forward, believe me when we say to get things done in the way that no one has ever done it before.

We make sure to provide you people with the service i.e. quality service at your doorstep. Instead of others we are not here to make your life hard rather we will do whatever is in our power to entertain you people, entertain your thoughts and your wishes. People may say to sell my house fast for cash columbia but to them we say that it is not an easy task to sell my house fast for cash columbia.

If you are determined to do this then we urge you to hire us or if you want an expert advice or you want to consult then also, we suggest you people to hire us. We have the best service and the most experienced team of personnel for you.

We believe that to get things done for you or to hire the best then we have to tend to take the best advantage of the things. We know that in this lifetime there are somethings which are to be worried about, which are to be worried for.

Now when people say to sell my house fast for cash columbia then we understand them because they are doing this for 2 reasons i.e. either they need cash as an emergency or they are wanting to move to some place else due to some reason because no matter what you do or how you do it, it is very hard to survive in the area when you have no cash on your hands.

We can understand this and trust me we will do whatever we can to help sort such things out.

Please sell my house fast for cash columbia:

Yes, we are not new in this line of work i.e. we will do whatever it is necessary to do and trust me we will try to convince all of you people, we will try to lay our eyes to all of your thoughts and all of your trouble and believe me after doing all this we will help you.

It is not like that we get a call and we move immediately because there is a lot of chance that people give or do prank calls so we will verify and then we will immediately send out best agent to help you, assist you people in any way you need. We urge all of you to help us get things sorted out, to help us, save us form the trouble of being trapped and surrounded by the worst.

Call us now to avoid all of this and help yourself get saved up, We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your assistance.





How We Buy Houses In Milwaukee?

How We Buy Houses

Selling property at a right price and in limited tie is just like a dream. Property dealers have habit of torching the customers by placing their commission part. Let us tell you How We Buy Houses in Milwaukee?

Our buying strategy is as simple as having a glass of water. Contact us; we will visit your place and will done the deal above market competitive rates.

Our House Buying Process – Deeply Exploring Our Working Method

First, when you contact us to sell your house, we make a physical visit to your place. We perform some simple steps to ensure that your place is ready to sell but keep in mind that we do not ever tell you the renovate your place before selling your house to Milwaukee’s number one house selling firm.

Once the visit is done and our defined standards are fulfilled, we make deal with you. The deal payment is in form of cash; to make your further living process easier and you will get the committed payment within a week.

How We Buy Houses – Effective Dealing

As we have already mentioned our dealing process, now let us tell you that how our company is serving the community in a better way as compared to real estate agents.

What real estate agents do? When you contact an agent to sell your home, they make a visit to your place. They deeply analyze the place to confirm even the minor details. If they found something violating their policy i.e. damaged place, they will reduce your property price. In addition, this act is not in your favor.

We do not consider the condition of the place while making the deal. We just visit, make an offer and pay within seven days.

No need to renovate your place

If your house caught fire because of some reason or the portion is damaged, we do not imply to renovate the place before buying it.

Our motto is to deliver you the best facilities than real estate agents. We do not ask for extra work to be done at your place.

We are serving the community for many years and we do not tend to done the deal at market price. What is the reason behind this? Reason is that we know that you are trying to sell a place where you have been living for decades. It is difficult to leave such place where you have spent memorable time with your beloved ones. To compensate your sorrow, we offer you the higher price as compared to the market. This is our best strategy to not to deal with you as customer, we tend to deal with you as a family member.

What does the conversation summarize?

Conclusion of this informative piece of paper is to deliver you better house selling services as compared to real estate agents.

How do We Buy Houses in Milwaukee? We hope that now you are familiar with our working process.

How to Buy Best Houses St Francis WI?

Choosing a house suitable to all your needs is a difficult and tiring thing but what matters the most is that we here at Milwaukee Housing Solutions will help you get the house of your dreams. We Buy Houses St Francis WI and surrounding areas and help you choosing the best one. Houses are in reality a commodity which is preferable by all and those who own it are the luckiest of the lot. They can enjoy and own the best feelings that a man could get ever. But to get a house in such times is a difficult thing because the prices are touching the sky and when you go out to sail them then the market is really down. All  this is because of the corona pandemic i.e. disturbing and causing chaos to everything around us whatsoever. This is not a man-made problem rather it is due to the certain elements which is rather confusing and trust me they will continue to do it until its vaccine isn’t discovered.

Pandemic and the Effects on we buy houses St Francis WI:

Real Estate prices are on a hold nowadays, the major reason is that we have come to a halt, we don’t know where to go and what to do? Real Estate business is neither climbing nor is dropping but is fixed and is on a halt. Trust me when someone says that certain things must be in order, we believe him because if it isn’t the order then what is.

We are not jungle people we know how to adopt and how to live with the resources we have. Although this is considered a difficult thing to do but trust me once you adopt to the change then everything will get in order.

We are your everyday shopping personnel’s i.e. whenever you plan to go out looking for a house call us because we will not only show you the best of the best houses but we will try to imitate them according to your desires i.e. we will ask about what do you want in a house and after that we will try to show you the houses with the same supplies. Our job is not simple we have to keep track of each and everything around the city and trust me when we say that whether you want to sell or buy, we are your guy.

If you are willing to sell your house first of all this is very difficult task to do so because selling a house where you have spent your whole childhood memories is a very difficult job. However, if you have made up your mind then we are the people to go for because we know how to deal with things that will cause you the trouble. Call us for inspection and we will send our team over who will do inspection and after that they will then try to buy your house i.e., we will make you an offer which you won’t refuse at all.

Why colocation hosting

colo web

For a company, you’ve got tons of options when it comes to deciding on the hosting design to back up your institution’s site, information, and IT network. LightWave Networks, In our Dallas and Boston colocation firm, we provide three host. At both information centers, we sponsor cloud servers, VPS, and servers in Dallas and Boston. In regards to comparing VPS vs. dedicated vs. clouds — following is a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of every choice. A blend of dedicated and shared hosting, your institution’s site and community is hosted on a host but the host is split into virtualized server environments. You have control of the maintenance, repair, and direction of your atmosphere.

colocation hosting


You pay for everything you require, so it is less expensive than dedicated servers.

More secure than conventional shared server hosting, since applications separates your personal server environment from different customers.

Scalable using a VPS growing as your host needs growth.


Oversold and packed servers can cause crashes during especially substantial peak traffic times.

Without detailed assistance from your colocation hosting service supplier, unmanaged VPS hosting alternatives could be tricky to configure.

Dedicated hosting enables a customer to rent an whole server not shared with anybody else, a dedicated host. No other firm except is currently hosting network and their own site . Having a dedicated server, your organization has control over the sources on its settings and this your own server. The choice of hardware, operating system, and specifications that are precise are around you.


You receive an entire dedicated server to yourself that supplies you uninterrupted top performance.

Complete control over configurations which lets you to completely customize the machine to your precise specifications and in a means which most fits your business’s requirements.

Quick speeds since you don’t need to talk about server resources with different customers.


A costly choice. It is among the hosting versions that are expensive.

Your organization needs its in-house IT staff which will have to complete responsibility for your host’s direction, upkeep, and repair. Dependent on the cloud theory, cloud hosting allows to act as a single platform. Using cloud servers, network and your institution’s site is going to probably be hosted on a subsection of a host, but it is going to use tools from a community of existing servers.


Reputable; cloud hosting has been encouraged by the countless servers located at a data centre with a numerous redundancies.

Adaptive and readily scalable; cloud hosting may easily adapt your need for more funds with time. Your organization will not be restricted to the limitations that include this along with one server.

You merely pay for the tools you use, so this really is a cost effective alternative.


Preparing a cloud hosting solution frequently involves a fairly considerable learning curve. If you rely on colocation experts like ours in LightWave 14, this is mitigated.

As you share a resources with different customers, cloud hosting stocks similar safety issues to conventional shared hosting.  

Importance of colocation hosting

colo web

For a business, you’ve got plenty of options when it comes to deciding on the hosting design to back up your company’s site, data, and IT network. LightWave Networks, at our Boston and Dallas colocation firm, we offer all three host hosting options. At our two information centers, we host VPS, cloud servers, and servers in Boston and Dallas. When it comes to comparing VPS vs. dedicated vs. clouds — following is a breakdown of the pros and cons of each option.

colocation hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting A combination of dedicated and shared hosting, your company’s website and network is hosted on a host but the host is split into different virtualized server environments. You have administrative control of the maintenance, repair, and overall direction of your personal environment.


You pay for everything you need, so it’s more affordable than dedicated servers.

More secure than conventional shared server hosting, since software separates your personal server environment from other customers.

Scalable using a VPS growing as your host needs growth.


Oversold and crowded servers can cause crashes during particularly substantial peak traffic days.

Without comprehensive assistance from your  provider, unmanaged VPS hosting alternatives could be tricky to configure.

Dedicated hosting allows a customer to rent an whole server not shared with anybody else, a dedicated server. No other firm except yours is hosting their own website and network in your dedicated  colocation hosting server. Having a dedicated server, your organization has full control over the resources on your server and its configuration. The choice of other specifications that are precise, hardware, and operating system are around you.


You get an entire dedicated server to yourself that provides you uninterrupted top performance.

Complete control over settings which allows you to completely customize the machine to your precise specifications and in a way that best suits your company’s requirements.

Fast speeds since you don’t need to talk about server resources with different clients.


A costly option. It’s among the hosting models that are expensive.

Your company needs its own in-house IT staff which will have full responsibility for your server’s management, maintenance, and repair.

Cloud Server Hosting

Cloud hosting, unlike other hosting versions, doesn’t rely on one physical server at one time. Based on the cloud computing theory, cloud hosting allows for an infinite number of servers to act as one system. With cloud servers, your company’s website and network is going to probably be hosted on a subsection of a server, but it is going to use resources from a community of multiple existing servers.


Reliable; cloud hosting is supported by the hundreds of servers found at a data center with multiple redundancies.

Flexible and readily scalable; cloud hosting can quickly accommodate your need for more resources over time. Your organization will not be restricted to a single server along with the limitations that come with it.

You merely pay for the tools you use, so this really is a cost effective option.


Preparing a cloud hosting solution frequently involves a pretty significant learning curve. When you rely in LightWave Networks on colocation specialists like ours, this is mitigated.

As you share resources with other clients, cloud hosting stocks similar safety concerns to traditional shared hosting.

Watch More: Newest Safa Designs for Groom

kurta design 2020

Groomswear For Ivory, Floral And Wedding Sherwani For Sherwani Styles, Wedding Ceremonies Wedding Outfits For Grooms


Vintage Mixture of Mustard and Golden kurta design 2020kurta design 2020

Mustard and gold color, when placed together from the outfit, provide a classic look, which seems fantastic. Additionally, the designs towards the very top of all-over and this sherwani the shawl mix in an exceptional method.

Ivory Sherwani, using leaf-like patterns, seems simple yet tasteful. Additionally, usage and the buttoning of aqua colour make the outfit look exceptional. Pairing the sherwani with shawl and churidar can create a superb combination for the wedding. Ivory — Olive combo

The sherwani looks fantastic with the mix of ivory and olive oil. Pairing it with safa and dupatta produces a legit groom’s outfit. Vintage Multicoloured Patterned

A multicoloured sherwani to your groom with equal right lines pattern that forms into a chevron design. The color colors gives a look to it, and it appears magical in its own manner. Preach the peach

Contrary to the brides, grooms are famous for sticking with the fundamentals, like this very simple peach sherwani adorned with gold round buttons. Team it with green or turquoise color safa to give the ensemble a contrast that is remarkable.

Groomswear For Wedding, Peach color Sherwani, Groomswear For Wedding Ceremonies, Grooms Outfit, Wedding Outfits, Sherwani Styles For Grooms


Elegant ivory-coloured sherwani with numerous designs, such as booti prints and foliage patterns. You could even set the sherwani with kalingi and a safa to provide an elegant touch.

  1. Sober Golden Hue

An easy and simple cream-coloured sherwani with center buttons until the base for those grooms who prefer to keep it basic. For addition, have also an attachment and a darker pocket square.

Wedding Outfits, Sherwani Styles For Grooms, Golden Hue Sherwani, Groomswear For Wedding, Groomswear For Wedding Ceremonies, Grooms Outfit

  1. Appealing booti-printed Sherwani

The sherwani looks easy and elegant with its own ivory color and blossom booti prints throughout the sherwani. Wearing a kurta and churidar requires the dress.

Groomswear For Wedding, Booti Printed Sherwani, Groomswear For Wedding Ceremonies, Grooms Outfit, Wedding Outfits, Sherwani Styles For Grooms

  1. Standard Light gray

A fundamental sherwani from the colour of light-grey with complex patterns in off-white seems fantastic for your wedding ceremony. Pair the sherwani along with your apparel will appear presentable.

Groomswear For Wedding Ceremonies, Light Grey Sherwani, Grooms Outfit, Wedding Outfits, Sherwani Styles For Grooms, Groomswear For Wedding

  1. Royal Fabricated Sherwani

Elegant and imperial sherwani with criss-cross manufacturing and coordinating pocket square. For making it appear more lavish, put on a safa, and you can prevent that marriage appearance.

Wedding Outfits, Sherwani Styles For Grooms, Royal Fabricated Sherwani, Groomswear For Wedding, Groomswear For Wedding Ceremonies, Grooms Outfit

  1. Patterned Fuschia Pink

A stunning sherwani from the fuschia pink color with silver designs on criss-cross patterned cloth. To make it appear distinctive, team it along with your appearance will be more materialistic.

Sherwani Styles For Grooms, Fushia Pink Sherwani, Groomswear For Wedding, Groomswear For Wedding Ceremonies, Grooms Outfit, Wedding Outfits

  1. Golden intricately patterned Sherwani

A sherwani in gold color comprising intricate patterns all around the cloth appears exceptional. A mustard shawl with boundaries may be an superb add-on to the attire.

Groomswear For Wedding, Golden Patterned Sherwani, Groomswear For Wedding Ceremonies, Grooms Outfit, Wedding Outfits, Sherwani Styles For Grooms

New Housing Schemes in Islamabad 2019

Many economic and Successful projects are developed or growing to maintain the Islamabad on the means of wealth. The continuous demand for perfect lodging is growing and the pros understand that this element in today’s world. That’s the reason why a lot of residential jobs are starting packed with all the best amenities. As we all know that Islamabad is claiming its place as the center of fund so many men and women are drawn to begin living in this town.

This tendency and Beauty will continue to rise in the next several years. A brand new wave of foreign in addition to federal investments has come together with the advancement and elevation of both centers and growth status of latest jobs. Islamabad itself is the perfect place to spend and reside with the bright potential. Come and take a look at each of those jobs that are dominant in 2019 due to the exceptional approach in each of the ways.

  1. Capital Smart City Islamabad

Are you Searching for Worth property investment with high yields? Consider Capital Smart City islamabad which should you desire to have the very best investment and living climate. It’s a really huge and best job by Future Development Authority that provides modern infrastructure and world-class comforts and several property types including commercial and residential plots, assembled houses and farmhouses. It a great living area for a contemporary creation due to its new strategy in each issue.

It Offers gold Residing and business opportunities to individuals. It stocks a very perfect location since it’s closely located near Thalian Interchange from where M-2 Toll Plaza is extremely close. Its location is quite excellent for all of the purposes including company, investing and living. Substantial development work has been finished while it’s still going on to make it increasingly more sophisticated and vast so it might offer a opportunity to maximum individuals to get a property .

The Aim and Facilities of Capital Smart City Islamabad

This location has set Very substantial goals for men and women so as to supply them with a fantasy location. Here you’ll have the ability to accomplish a place of conveniences and conveniences that will market the way you live. Underneath the institution of the society, you will find particular aims of providing new modes and avenues of spending a lifetime. No dwelling area is supplying such a facilitated environment such as Capital Smart City does because it’s offering all those amenities to its occupants that are important to direct a significant and comfy lifestyle.

  1. Green Oaks Islamabad

It’s just another Outstanding job by Khanial Builders that is offering a natural and lavish living in precisely the exact same moment. Situated on Chakri Interchange of Islamabad-Lahore Motorway it delivers a very prime place while it enjoys a close proximity to significant places and streets. This place offers you a opportunity to familiarize yourself with character.

Whilst doing this, in addition, it provides all of the essentials which will provide you a opportunity to enjoy a lavish living. Here you’ll discover the equally natural in addition to modern lifestyle that jointly will provide you with a whole living room. The payment program is extremely affordable and attractive like the other characteristics of the enormous venture. It’s not something to be missed out!

Its Aim to present an organic and lavish Living

If You Believe it Is only a location which provides traditional farmhouse location with village surroundings then you’re entirely erroneous. It’s a exceptional development in the actual estate of Islamabad that’s established with the intent of supplying you with a calm and facilitated living in precisely the exact same moment.

A lot of men and women are a nature enthusiast and need to stay in a wholesome environment but also it is impossible for them to live away from contemporary amenities. Green oaks Islamabad is the optimal solution for all those people in which a natural and healthful life is awaiting you in a brand new and new approach.

  1. Khanial Homes Islamabad

This fresh and lavish Job is here to provide you with everything is the requirement and demand of modern time in addition to yours. It has grown into an extremely attractive and desirable location with its perfect location, simple payment program and striking capabilities. After seeing this location you will be able to know it isn’t something to be overlooked.

For seeing it you Have to visit Chakri Road that’s a really well-known and readily accessible place of Islamabad and also a hub of top-new jobs. Your heart and mind will automatically attract towards Khanial Homes due to all it has to offer you. Manufactured by Khanial Builders, it supplies you with a gold atmosphere for doing business or residing luxuriously as commercial, in addition to residential plots, can be found here.

The Vision Behind the institution of the project

It’s here to provide A perfect and complete investment or living area whilst offering all in favor of contemporary investors and customers. It’s a settled vision of providing something distinctive and high that will give a path to reach a location of your settled eyesight.

Each and every Facility such as education, health, commercial and entertainment are available in the doorstep. This location has something more to offer you than you’ve wanted to have on your lifetime.

  1. Blue World City Islamabad

It’s a project of Blue Group of Companies who’ve developed it at an outstanding and superb way. Situated on Rawalpindi Ring Road it’s offering exactly that place that’s perfect for living, doing business or buying for the most effective future yields. The booking is available where distinct size residential and commercial plots are here from which you may select based on your requirements.

The worth and need Of BWC are rising day by day due to its global strategy and it’s prepared to rank as one of the top rated new jobs in 2019. It’s getting to be a dwelling and investment hub both for federal in addition to foreign investors. Packed with all of the amenities and effortless payment plan it’s turning into a prior selection of individuals.

Developed Together with the Aim to Boost your lifestyle

Enough centers and Comforts are made a part of the place to provide you a lifetime of conveniences and peace. It’s the very best location for you in every manner where nothing is unreachable. Live in a distinctive and innovative way with those services and conveniences BWC Islamabad is enriched . It isn’t difficult now to achieve what you would like in your preferred location together with the very inexpensive prices of properties . This outstanding job is the ideal alternative for you whatsoever!

  1. DHA Islamabad

It’s in no need of Much debut since it’s a well-recognized and renewable title at the real estate market. If you truly need to live tremendously then the first name comes to mind is obviously DHA. It’s established very significantly and outstandingly in most of the towns of Pakistan while appreciating a much-esteemed place. A renowned group of programmers have established it based on the standards and manners.

The moment you enter That the DHA Peshawar is time you step in to luxuries and most recent dwelling setting. Its modern infrastructure, leading amenities and strategic place, all this leads to its achievement. It’s actually a fantasy living area and also top-choice of all of the people. You are able to reserve your residential or commercial property here with simple payments and instalments while after simple stipulations.

DHA Islamabad world-class and aim comforts

This wealthy and First-class job remains and will remain a high name in the real estate due to its high goals and exceptional development intentions. DHA is a favorite and valued on the global and getting a foremost and first selection of individuals.

From many years it’s The very best name on the marketplace while at 2019 and at other forthcoming years it will Enjoy exactly the identical position. It’s really an outstanding job when offering the Best of facilities that can guide you towards a brand new destination of dwelling.

Notes on Living Life in Islamabad in an Easy to Follow Order

The Upside to Living Life in Islamabad

Life seemed, in various ways, not so different than anywhere else on the planet. It affects your personal life but in addition your work life since some trips has to get planned 2 to 3 months ahead of time. A strong awareness of community is almost always a great thing. Residing in a culture where it’s almost expected that you will fail does amazing things for your ego. You’re so difficult to please. As people from all around Pakistan venture into the city to find much better career opportunities, there’s an incessant demand for better and safer housing alternatives for living a cozy life in DHA Islamabad. Let’s look at some of the greatest facilities and quality standards which make living in DHA Islamabad an absolute joy.

Everybody around you speaks Urdu. However, it’s always great to get some English, especially in the event you shop away from the commissary and visit outside Islamabad. Pakistan also appeared to be taking initial actions to comply. It is expected to observe a great decrease in such incidences. It has denied he is now in the country. Blue world city is best investment as it is largely less expensive. One of the most important things to consider when it comes to transferring your money is the exchange rate.

There’s no government school in the full G-13 sector. A surprising number of men and women in my office live in San Francisco and commute through some of the country’s worst traffic for an hour (on a great moment!) They use the word bandwidth instead of time. There’s no simple wellness facility in the entire G-13 sector. U.S.G. personnel isn’t permitted to bring children.

This table will provide you with a notion of healthcare costs in Pakistan. This table outlines the typical transportation costs in Pakistan. Food might be costly and increase the astronomical price of living, but California has a number of the very best cuisine in the nation. Mexican food can be beneficial for you. If you need a much healthier diet or lifestyle, California makes it simple. It isn’t only dangerous for the survival and maturation of the non-Muslims in the nation but also harmful for the better part of the Muslim population of Pakistan.

The people of Islamabad have doubled in the past couple of decades. It’s the sixth most populous country on the planet, and a fascinating mixture of classic lifestyles and contemporary city living. It’s tough for anyone with families in a different nation, particularly when the time difference is large. That’s why many housing societies are developing in Islamabad.  In which you have to choose the best one like blue world city.

Ruthless Living Life in Islamabad Strategies Exploited

In the old times, people used to prefer massive bungalows with the massive room however the way the trend is changed. The apartments on malls also give a facility of underground parking that is a blessing in disguise. There are lots of apartments in Islamabad which ought to be regarded as as the ideal place of living. So, a handy location is easily the most important aspect which should be held in mind when selecting an apartment. It’s many items combined seeping into every region of your life.



Blue World City is a mega housing project by Blue Group of Companies located in the vicinity to both the Rawalpindi and Islamabad City. It will be the very first and foremost housing society in Pakistan and China housing society in Pakistan whose development will be done by Chinese. It is one of the most affordable yet worthy housing project in the area which is very famous among the people because it is in budget and quite cheap as compared to other housing societies with a good instalment plan.


It is a project of Blue Group of Companies owned by Saad Nazir, Son of Ex-Deputy Comissioner Lahore Ch.Nazeer Blue Group of Companies.


The company officially started its operations in 1989 in Lahore by offering its Architectural Design and Construction services. The company was soon able to acquire a respectable and reputable place in being a trustworthy and reliable professional organization and became successful in acquiring the attention of the clients and general public in the market.

In addition to these services the company has also indulges in the retail business and owns a diverse and unique variety of convenience retail stores and clothing brand. This company has more than 300 professionals working under this head to make it a dignified and different corporation in Pakistan in different working capacities.


It owns a highly diversifies ad dignified set of business consisting of the following companies:

  • Blue Bricks.
  • Blue Properties.
  • Blue Palms.
  • Blue Technologies.
  • Blue Media
  • Mart Blue.
  • Brand Square.


Before Blue World City Islamabad, Saad Nazir has previously given successful business and housing ventures such as PIA co-operative Society, Center Park Lahore, Blue Sapphire, Blue mart and Blue technologies. This is the recent and latest project launched under the banner of Blue group of Companies.


It is located on the main Chakri Road near Chakri interchange on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M2. It is one of the societies that are near and quite reachable to Islamabad and Rawalpindi cities as well as Islamabad Airport.

It is an exquisite and wonderful housing society with beautiful and scenic surroundings and is situated far away from the hustle and bustle of the main city.


Capital Smart City is one of the most famous housing schemes neighbouring this housing with other housing societies such as Mumtaz City, Khaniyal Homes, Star Argo farms, Top City, and University Town.


As seen in the location Map attached below, the location of BWC is marked with the intersection of Chakri Road and Proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road.


The society can be accessed via Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M-2 to Chakari Road if you are heading from Islamabad and it will also be accessible and reachable via Ring road after its completion. This Ring Road will cut short the travel time of people travelling to and from the furthest areas of Rawalpindi e.g. Giga Mall, Bahria Town Islamabad, DHA housing society and Bahria enclave.